Online Training

Hey Aaron again,

I’m working on producing training plans, meal plans, personalised packages, local and global boot camps as well as some Recondition Me merchandise!

A 50 Day Challenge has been set up on the Recondition Me Facebook Page. It features a variety of exercises which can be completed at home/park/gym. Quick, Simple, Easy to take part and complete in under 10 minutes throughout your day or all at once!

10 Squats – 10 Sit Ups – 10 Burpees – 10 Mountain Climbers – 10 Push Ups – (Additional 1 minute Plank)

Also found on the Recondition Me website are Free Nutrition guides/plans and basic training plan that are for FREE, yes FREE to download from this website or from shooting an email over to

50 Reps every day for 50 Days
5 Exercises

Thanks again have a sick day and don’t forget to move!

Aaron – Recondition Me!

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