Fat Loss Without Counting Calories

Counting calories, everyone hates it.

It’s time consuming and will mean you most likely have to weigh your food or guesstimate the size/portion of 50g of peanut butter on a teaspoon!

Luckily with technology and apps like MyFitnessPal it’s made counting calories 10x easier to track and workout portion sizes, macronutrients and most importantly the calories of each meal/snack.

But you didn’t come here to find out how to count calories!

Little bit of info about calories – calories is the word used to describe energy in food and drink. So calories basically means energy.

And to lose weight/fat you have to be in a calorie deficit i.e more energy out then energy in!

However, I will tell you right now that if you haven’t counted calories before, then this won’t work for you. If you are a complete newbie to fitness and want a quick fat loss technique, then start counting calories…. it’s the only way you’ll work out the calories you are currently in taking and throw you in the direction of achieving a calorie deficit.

But if you have counted calories before, you’ll know (or roughly know) what you can eat and exactly how much. Now all you have to do, is find either a plate or a container (for all you meal preppers!) that can fit 3 meals that will satisfy your calorie needs in the form of the foods you eat!

Now, some of you may skip breakfast (fast), or breakfast normally comes in the form of a bowl and not a plate!

The key here is to fill your plate with the right foods!

Vegetables = half of the plate – once again who has vegetables for breakfast!! So ignore that! LOL

Protein = quarter of the plate – whatever your diet that you follow, if you are working out a good source of protein throughout the day will not only help you get those gains in the form of muscle but also protein is a dense macronutrient that is filling!

Carbs & Fats = rest of the plate – now your diet of choice may affect his part, but go with it! Keto then you’ll throw carbs out the window and have all the fats here! Or swap the fats with protein!

Snacking is part of most peoples day, whether it be to fill a gap or a small sized meal. Aim for a palm sized portion either Fruit/Protein or Vegetable based, this can be anything from a banana to a protein bar/shake or a few carrot sticks if you’ve turned into a rabbit! 😉

When it comes to drinking, (ALCOHOL) replace snack with a drink, mainly as most alcoholic drinks contain a fair amount of calories (especially for how quickly you can drink them! OI OI). 2 drinks = no snacks. 3+ drinks = enjoy yourself but think about the calories! And most importantly once drunk, don’t fall into the mistake of needing to eat your body weight in food! A mistake I’ve made 1 too many times! (Basically every time I have one beer!)


Focus on drinking lots of water (especially if drunk ;).

0 calorie drinks with flavourings may help but watch out for sugars etc!

Meal prep or time your meals around when you normally feel hungry but don’t make it tedious, but a routine/consistency is key!

And if you are feeling peckish, make or grab a tea or coffee, I normally go for an americano, dash of milk does the trick!

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Aaron Goacher – Recondition Me

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