7 Reasons Why You Should Workout

There are way more than 7 reasons why you should workout and also way more ways you can workout then people think.

Just raising your pulse for 30+ minutes per day has it’s benefits for the average non-gym goer. That’s why I’ve come up with 7 Reasons Why You Should Workout, and trust me the points have nothing about picking up really heavy weights and walking out looking like the Hulk!

When you look online through social media or even through TV & magazine adverts, there is always a picture or video of a muscly guy or girl showing off their incredible physique and to be honest, I don’t think there are many people who would say they wouldn’t want to be fit and healthy like them.

So how can you make a start or motivate yourself to start working out or sign up to a gym?

1) SOCIAL – being in a gym/club/bootcamp environment can be sociable for the shyest and least confident person. You can bring along a friend or make new ones simply by talking or exercising with me. Helping one another out and learn from each other! For beginners and mainly the older ladies, its a massive social hub where you sweat a little or a lot and have a laugh!

2) ROUTINE – Getting into the routine of working out, going for a morning/evening walk or run, something that will make you move more. Can you get to work by walking/cycling or parking further away in the car park? Make going to your gym part of your day, even if you don’t do a class or workout.

3) HOBBY – Now you’ve got friends to go with and you have a routine you start to enjoy going to the gym and talking to others about your accomplishments. It’s part of your lifestyle and you begin to workout without even thinking about it!

4) CHALLENGE – The first challenge is going to workout or signing up to the gym. If you are already passed that phase but need motivation or a target, you can set daily/weekly/monthly challenges. For most people they set themselves a challenge of getting ‘toned’ or ‘flat stomach’ or ‘six pack abs’ which is achievable, but for those who really want to challenge themselves. Realistic challenges might be to hit a personal best on a certain lift, or complete a circuit or a run in a faster time!

5) ENDORPHINS – This is science, you release endorphins when working out or spending time with people you like. It makes you feel good and super happy! How to get your daily or weekly endorphin kick? Go to the gym. Go for a run. Go to that class/bootcamp. And even better, take your best friend, your kids, your mum! Working out feels better then sitting on the couch eating chocolate!

6) STRENGTH – It doesn’t take long to build some strength and definition for newbies! But also for those who have been going for a year or so! No one ever wants to hit a plateau and stick on the same weight each time. And being strong in your arms and legs isn’t the only benefit of working out, it will make you mentally stronger too! Working out will create new discomforts to overcome!

7) STAMINA – If you are focusing on completing a long distance run or working out through circuits/bootcamps/classes your stamina will improve! Major health benefits will also start to happen and adapt your body. You won’t be out of breath as easily, your heart will be able to pump easier, getting your blood to your muscles more effectively!

So there’s 7 reasons and explanations Why You Should Workout, I hope it has helped and will make your goals much easier to sustain and enjoy!

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Thanks for reading!

Aaron Goacher – Recondition Me

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