The Free Legal Performance Enhancing Drug!

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In this blog I’ll be telling you about the best and absolutely FREE LEGAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUG! It won’t cost you a penny however time is money and that is what it takes a little or a lot of!

As you may have guessed from the picture, it’s SLEEP!

Sleep is absolutely free and the best way to recover and also a potential brilliant way to start your pre-workout (if you are a record breaking Olympian); forget your expensive branded pre-workouts with fizzy raspberry lemonade banana orange cola mix or your single/double shot espresso, and your white monster energy drink (the best pre-workout in the world).

You may now be thinking, Aaron how is sleep a good pre-workout. Have a little think, when you wake up from rest, you are completely fresh, you have the day ahead of you, you are already pumped to smash a workout, throw weights up and down or get a big sweat on with some functional training etc.

Also record breaking Olympian sprinter Usain Bolt reportedly woke up from sleep/nap about 35 minutes before winning and breaking a record.

Now, how is it a performance enhancing drug???

Not only it’s benefits post nap/rest/sleep but during your sleep there are so many benefits.

Sleep helps with the recovery from your training, reduces chronic inflammation and relaxation of muscles.

Top sportsmen and women often sleep for 12 hours a day, with 8-10 hours sleep, with strategically placed naps around training and eating. As most sports people have to stick to strict diets and timings of meals and training/competitions.

Also for those who achieve 6 hours or less have shown decreases in peak muscle strength… do we know what that means? Less gains and heavy lifts for you my friend! Alongside this studies have shown regular sleep loss or accumulated sleep loss over a period of time has consequences on performance, however studies have shown 1 to 2 nights sleep loss (less then 7 hours sleep) does not effect overall performance in accuracy, power, strength or endurance.

Those who compete for physique competitions, in low calorie based diets/severe calorie deficit with poor hydration will often lose sleep in the preparation for competition. How most competitors battle through the day and lack of sleep in dark hours of the day (i.e nighttime) is to then sleep around training, eating and work. But these sleep periods are not always regulated and can lead to oversleeping or becoming anxious and stress.

Which leads me on to say, any athlete/gym goer/sportsperson or anyone with poor sleep quality and quantity can become in a tense, causing performance to drop. A study found footballers who went a week with less sleep then their competitors lost and performed worse then usual. (Less km covered, increased mistakes, missed placed passes/shots etc), with many complaining of injuries, stiffness, and confusion.

A good way to increase sleep and relaxation when training or increased stress levels is through massage/foam rolling or planning scheduled naps of 15 to 45 minutes. (Set an alarm!!!)

That’s all boys & girls!

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