How To: Choose The Best Diet

Another one in the series of How To: ….

With so much information readily available and many influencers throwing their choice of diet to their mass following and swaying peoples minds with their beliefs and mis-told myths of their chosen diet.

It will be hard for the novice and misinformed individual who’s starting their fitness and lifestyle journey to pick their best diet and fat loss plan.

So I’ll talk about How To: Choose The Best Diet For YOU.

Main focus being YOU, there’s no point getting a meal plan from some ‘fitness influencer’ that is most likely what they prefer to eat at times that suit them. Each diet or discarding of certain foods or nutrients from what you’d usually eat.

For example, Keto is a high fat based diet which limits carbohydrates and allows for moderate to low protein. The common myth is that fat is bad for you and mass loading of the nutrient fat makes you ‘fat‘, however that is far from the truth; with many providing evidence that Keto works for them and they can get extremely good results and still remain in good health and physique.

If you are looking for weight loss which in turn can include fat loss then as all fitness social media influencers are now jumping on board is being in a calorie deficit.

So no matter what diet you can pick, as long you burn more then what you eat, leaving you in a calorie deficit then you’ll loss weight.

However the key to picking the best diet is one that you can stick to and enjoy in the long run. If you struggle to stick to a diet plan for longer then a few days or weeks then sorry to say you are either pathetic or lack commitment and that you’ve attempt to try a diet plan you don’t enjoy and you’ve just made yourself suffer for that length of time.

The key is to not have to focus on what you eat and for all foods consumed to be enjoyable. Do your research before jumping on the bandwagon with your favourite influencer or personal trainers advice.

One big diet that is always spread over fitness and health magazines and all over bookshelves are diets that resolve around certain days and timings. Eat well for 5 days eat the foods you actually enjoy for 2 days. And it’s not even you having a ‘cheat meal’ as frankly they don’t exist, your diet plan should include the foods you enjoy, making every meal a ‘cheat meal’!

Another is fasting and intermittent fasting which I’ll go into in another blog. But if you don’t like eating breakfast or your mornings before work start too early for you to eat then you are fasting. Drink plenty of liquids (water &/or coffee) to keep you feeling full whilst fuelling your body to keep yourself productive and not turn into an absolute d*ck!

Below I’ll list all the requirements and some foods that certain diets require.

Keto – low carb, high fat, moderate protein. Low carb vegetables will help you fill full, spinach, broccoli, asparagus. Protein can vary depending on demands on individual.

Vegetarian/ Vegan – diet doesn’t include meat. Some vegetarian diets do allow for fish and diary products and others depending on the individuals needs will allow for meat or fish to not have deficiencies. Many alternatives such as vegan burgers, sausages etc however the process that has gone into making those still doesn’t reach the same level of nutrients that meat/fish can.

As always, choose what’s best for you and what you enjoy (within reason to your goals).

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