How To : Boost Your Metabolism

How to : Boost Your Metabolism.

Metabolism is a chemical reaction that happens within your body. Often used in hand with describing your metabolic rate which is the scientific way of saying ‘the number of calories you burn to keep your body alive and functioning’.

The higher the metabolism = the higher amount of calories you burn, in turn this can make it easier to lose fat/weight and stay in shape. In turn being able to eat more calories will provide you with a higher amount of energy and make you feel better, than that of someone with a slow metabolism.

Below are some ways you can Boost Your Metabolism:

Eating protein based meals, or including protein within each meal.

Protein causes the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) which can increase your metabolism for a few hours, this means your digestive system and absorption of protein requires extra calories to process the nutrients.

Out of all of the nutrient needed protein causes the largest rise in TEF. Increasing your metabolic rate by 15-30% in comparison to fats only 0-3% and 5-10% for carbs.

Protein also makes you feel fuller quicker and prevents overeating!

Drink Cold Water

Water is calorie free which means you can feel full from hydrating your body.

The body also regulates your temperature and uses energy to heat your body up, meaning there is a calorie burning effect when you ‘cool’ your body down through intaking cold water.

Drinking half a litre before a meal can help you feel fuller, meaning you crave and want to eat less sooner = weight loss! Win Win!

Adding fruit to water also gives it that extra taste at no extra cost of calories!

Weight Lifting

You can boost your metabolism by lifting and dropping weights! When you increase your muscle mass, more calories are burned to move and lift weights, which will not only help boost metabolism but you’ll lose weight too!

Weight Lifting is key for building and maintaining muscle, not only will you be stronger but the higher the muscle mass the higher the metabolism.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is an intense workout with quick bursts of movements.

It’s not only better than steady state cardio (which sucks lets be honest), but helps you burn fat by boosting your metabolism during and even after your workout.

Combination of weight/resistance training with 1-3 HIIT sessions a week can sky rocket your metabolism!

Move More

Getting a few extra steps in a day can help boost your metabolism.

We all know sitting for too long too often is just as bad as smoking, and you’ll definitely gain weight if stationary for too long.

If you work in an office/desk job, why not ask others if you can get their print outs, if they want a drink every hour, so you can walk to the staff kitchen/printing room.

As we said before, cold water helps but you’ll also need to pee often! If every other hour you need to pee and also get to have a cold beverage you can boost your metabolism and burn over 100 calories easy!

Ask for a standing desk to improve your time spent on feet, in a nice straight up posture.

Green or Oolong Teas/ Coffee

Cold or hot there are benefits with teas and coffees they can increase your metabolism from 3-17%.

Green or Oolong Teas can convert some fat stores into free fats acids, these burn fat by 10-17%.

Coffee like green tea promotes fat burning, with the effect coffee gives to obese individuals being less of a fat burning effect than that of a leaner individual.

Quality Rest / Sleep

I’ve said it before in ‘The Free Legal Performance Enhancing Drug!‘ And I’ll say it again, rest/recovery/sleep is such a major part of anyone’s weight loss journey!

I’ve heard nutrition companies promote their b*llshit products mean they don’t nap through the day. But what if your body needed that nap as you are working so hard, your body needs to recover and catch up on lost sleep.

Lack of sleep has been linked with increased risk of obesity, ad increased blood sugar levels and insulin resistance which can develop type 2 diabetes.

When you are sleep deprived you will feel hungry, this is due to the hunger hormone Ghrelin increasing and fullness hormone Leptin decreasing.


Small changes to your lifestyle can have amazing and life changing effects.

Increasing your metabolism is one way of losing weight or maintaining where you are currently, whilst boosting your energy levels, increasing your actively levels and potentially making you less of an a*sehole to be around!

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