Is Your Training Effective

Everyone trains in different ways but there’s only a few ways to know if you are exercising effectively.

Firstly do you have a set goal? Notice I said goal and not goals, you don’t want to put too much pressure on your training as you want to make it as effective as possible. Focus your session on improving to reach that set goal, if its running for a marathon your prime focus should be putting miles on the clock and shortening the time you are taking to complete those miles, without getting injured or over training.

Are you staying mobile? Your training shouldn’t leave you constantly stiff and achy. Yes you should be able to feel DOMS a day or two after and feel a good pump on your workout but can you still move well? Training shouldn’t stop you from performing normal function.

Have you seen gains in the last 3 – 6 months? Are you still making gains? This rolls alongside with goal setting, from where you started till now, what tool or measurement have you used to track progress?

Have you found yourself stuck, not being able to lean down, to build any more muscle, lift more weight, run/cycle further and quicker? Then message @reconditionme on Instagram or Facebook!

Your training must not be effective if you are stuck, you need to change something or try harder, as mean as it seems you will need to change how you are training to achieve your goal; if you have hit a wall or lost focus on what you actually want to achieve then you aren’t actually going to achieve it! Duh!

Do you get bored of your training plan, it’s become tedious and a chore to complete then you’ve got to change it up or get a PT or even better find a great online coach (I recommend @reconditionme ;). Your training should be enjoyable and effective.

Going back to your goals (again sorry), have you set yourself an attainable goal that’s realistic for you. This could be a reason why you are struggling to reach it and not effectively using your precious workout time effectively.

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