How to: Be Confident In The Gym

Another in the How To: series…

Being confident in the gym can mean many different things to different level of experienced gym goers.

For some going to the gym is a scary experience, whilst others is venturing into a different area or trying a new exercise or class.

How to: Be Confident In The Gym

1) Have a Plan

Get yourself a plan, make sure you know what exercises you are going to train and how to perform them correctly. If this means getting a fitness coach/personal trainer to show you in person then do so. You can also find many YouTube and apps which show you how.

2) Go With a Friend

Everyone is confident around their mates, take one to the gym or ask someone you know, its the easiest and best way to feel committed and confident. Check each other’s form, practice new exercises/classes and make it fun! If you are competitive like me then make it a competition!

3) Throw Ya Headphones On

Buy some decent noise cancelling headphones, forget about the world around you and smash that workout. I’d say this is for those who know what they are doing and have a set plan. Make those around you invisible!

Also on this note, have a playlist or podcast you can put on that won’t stop you every 2 minutes to switch songs or get bored! You want to feel energised and hyped throughout.

4) Comfy Clothing

Now I don’t mean put your baggy jumper and tracksuit bottoms on or your pjs and dressing gown LOL. But clothes that make you feel good and happy. If you think you look and feel good then wear it and you’ll have a great workout.

5) Be Invisible

Go at times when you know it’s quiet and you’ll be able to use all of the equipment you want to. On the same point, use some of the points above I.e headphones and clothing (wear a hoodie) so you can focus your attention on yourself and not those around you!

6) Hire a PT.

Touching on the previous point of having a plan, a PT should make you feel comfortable and confident in the gym and push you that bit further each time. Find a PT you get along with and can learn from. Spend your hours session wisely!

7) Be Yourself

For you to be confident you’ve got to be yourself in every environment no matter how awkward or hard it may be and sometimes it takes some time, but gyms shouldn’t be taunting or scary places. If you like to dance then dance, if you like to get yourself pumped up for the next set do so.

8) Start Lifting

Whether it’s the first time you are weight training or not, start low and progress and find your max loads for 8 – 12 reps. Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance or barbell, get used to them all and what fits you best! You’ll feel stronger and reach your goals quicker too.

Thanks for reading, if you are interested in having a training plan or online coach DM @reconditionme on Instagram.

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