The 7 Day Workout Cycle

Everyone wants results after one workout, one salad and a protein shake, unfortunately results come from months or even years of work depending on the individuals current starting point or consistency.

To break this down all the way from long term goals also known as Macro-cycle (12 weeks – 12 months) to Meso-cycle (4 weeks) to the most important for all, even the most advanced gym and fitness goers will focus on this; is the micro-cycle.


Each individual day through a week is what will fuel and show results for the next week to the week after, before showing each months improvements show results.

Day 1 – Start how you mean to go on. Throw away all cravings, fuel and fill up on water, fruit and vegetables and whatever protein source you prefer (depending on your dietary choice). If you are looking for FAT LOSS, then aim for a calorie deficit, you can find out how to track your calories and macronutrients at, there you can find many different calculators or just google Calorie / Macronutrient calculator.

Day 2 – Same as day one

Day 3 – You see where this is going, be consistent but fun with what you choose to eat, and focus on the end goal.

Through the 7 days you may slip up, it may be a friends birthday, wedding or you stay late at work. Work around yourself, if you know every Friday you go for pizza with your friends, cut back on 100 calories Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, enough to fuel your workouts, home life etc but allowing room for those extra calories in food and drink you may consume on the Friday.

Through the 7 days, how often do you workout, how hard do you workout, and do you have a way of tracking your workouts? Do you have a smart device or app? A workout diary or programme that tracks what you are burning/training?

Fat Loss you want to be causing your body to metabolise nutrients more effectively. You can find more info at How To : Boost Your Metabolism.


Through the 7 days, fat loss be in a deficit, weight gain (strength/muscle building) be in a slight surplus. Workout consistently and aim for the same or more time, reps, sets and calorie burn each time, but don’t burn yourself out.

Only track progress month to month to see results, but focus on the week to get you there!

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