The Skinny Boy Mindset

The skinny boy mindset

We’ve all been there believe me. That age old tale of everyone is staring at me in the gym, I’m the smallest, and I shouldn’t be here blah blah blah.

It’s all complete nonsense! Now I’m not saying that there aren’t people in there who aren’t judging or looking at you because let’s be honest, and not glitter a turd, the world is an unfair place and there are some judgmental people out there.

That being said the majority of people in the gym have more respect for you being there than you have for yourself. After all, we’ve all been in your position.

As for the skinny boy mindset (SBM), you will GROW providing you consistently put in the work. It’s not about doing Instagram workouts or half ass reps, it’s about doing the basics and doing them well.

And believe me when I say you’re going to want to enjoy those newbie gains. As a sufferer of the SBM when I first started out I know it’s a hard place to be in but once you realise that it’s just you creating this anxiety you will unlock a whole new level of you.

Finally, don’t be scared to talk to people in the gym or film your reps, we are all there for the same reason to lift things and put them down. It really is that simple.

Keep going, lift correctly and eat your food, you will grow and you will look back and wonder what all the unnecessary stress was about.

Written by:

Luke Whelan

Personal Trainer & Graduate Sports Scientist

You can find Luke at @lukewhelanphysique

Luke is a dear friend of Recondition Me.

One of Aaron’s first friends/clients at university who took weight training and fitness to a whole new level, deciding that enough isn’t enough!

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