How to: Workout on holiday

This is a topic many just forget and most say ‘your on holiday you don’t need to workout, enjoy yourself’.

Maybe it’s just me, but one of the things in life that I enjoy the most is working out, so why wouldn’t you combine the two?

Hot sunny destination, tanned topped up and you are looking and feeling the best you ever had and you are able to get a good workout pump on too!

Cold snowy holiday destination, warm yourself up through exercise, get the blood flowing and circulating to keep your core body temperature maintained!

Some questionable swim short choice – But SUP is a great way to use the core, work the shoulders, back and arms!

If you go to a hotel, you may have the luxury of having some sort of basic hotel gym, if not better. There are some hotels or seaside tourist destinations that have outdoor gyms free for the public.

I’m fortunate enough to have family in Spain, within 5 minutes drive I can be in a outdoor gym, with limited weights, but bars where I can hang or attached portable equipment to.

Here’s Coach GOACH (aka Aaron) looking like a few too many Spanish beers and carbs has taken over, down at said Spanish beach working out!

Equipment list:

Resistance Band – Probably one of the easiest and most effective tools to take in your suitcase and best of all it takes up literally no room in your bag/suitcase.

Altitude Mask – Depending on where you go and the climate, having an extra tool to make breathing harder, causing your heart and lungs to work at an increased rate.

TRX – Similar to resistance bands, take up now room and all you need is a post, bar, climbing frame or any sturdy thing you can find that will support your body weight.

You – Most people can struggle with body weight exercises, do push ups, sit ups, pull ups, handstands, squats, lunges, handstand push ups, wide grip, wide stance, narrow grip, narrow stance versions, high knees, burpees, THE LIST GOES ON!

Enjoy your holidays, but also enjoy your workouts and don’t slip up on achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals. Trust me, I’ve been there many times and it’s not a good look!

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Have a beer on me,


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