Why Running For Fat Loss For Beginners Is Pointless…

For some bizarre reason, seeing a beginner running long distance annoys me.

There are many benefits through running or any cardiovascular exercise for beginners, however, it’s not the most effective. Yet you’ll always hear or see those who have just got a health and fitness kick that they’ll start going for runs, they’ll spend money on new shoes and gear for them to complete a slow paced 2 or 3k run that took 40 minutes and got them a little sweaty and out of breath.

Don’t get me wrong, any exercise is great exercise. (Done correctly/safely). However, no matter how long they run, how sweaty they get, the chances of losing weight and fat won’t change unless they change their diet and also lift weights. Even better, instead of a 30 minute slow paced jog, that gets you a little sweaty, complete a 30 minute HIIT class or workout, with some weights and body weight exercises.

Chances are, if you clean up your diet, get your nutrients in, keep hydrated and complete weight/HIIT workouts you’ll see results faster then your poxy park run once a week with your mate who works in an office who struggles to walk to get the mid morning teas and coffees from the staff kitchen.

If your goal is to run a 10k, marathon or do a long distance event that involves running, then yes, running is great for the training you need to do to complete the event/competition. But if your goal isn’t to complete a running/distance event, then running is not also boring but also one of the most pointless ways of you to train, you’ll go through phases of running, then stopping, feeling sorry for yourself and then running again.

And I’m not trying to be mean but if the consistency isn’t there, you are going to fail and go around and around in circles until you completely stop and give up on your health and fitness.

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Aaron Goacher

Founder Recondition Me

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