Are You Ready To Start?

Are you actually ready to start your lifestyle changes?

Many people say ‘next week I’ll start’, ‘ I’ll start tomorrow’, but they never do.

The answer should always be YES, and when asked you should say RIGHT NOW. There’s lots of different numbers out there for how long something becomes a habit (21 days), and a lifestyle (believe its 66 days!). So just under a month and just over two months of consistently doing what you want to do to change.

Fitness has many different cross overs and it’s hard for an individual to go from obese or unhappy with their fitness levels to being amazing with their nutrition, movement, strength, power and mental health to list a few.

A PT will be able to get you moving more, build muscle to help burn more calories, and advise you to what you should cut from your nutrition but not to the level of a dietician. Likewise, they will be able to create a happy, energetic environment to work out in and advise what stresses you can minimise and adjust to outside of the gym. But you are the only person who will be able to change that.

Being mentally and physically ready to start changing your life can be made simple.

Do it all once at a time.

And if you fail after 3 days, start again, refresh your brain, why are you doing it, what benefits will you achieve, how will it change your life by doing this/that/and the other every day.

Write down your goal, whether it be weight/fat loss, strength/power building, to run a marathon. Leave notes around that remind you of the goal. In your fridge where your chocolate used to be, in your wardrobe where your now oversized clothes are.

If you are seriously wanting to start making a change but are in need of a plan, guidance and accountability, then send an email to to see if the Recondition Me Team can help!

Thanks for reading.

Aaron Goacher

Founder Recondition Me

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