How to: Workout When Injured.

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This is a question I get asked a lot and think about too.

Now it depends completely on YOUR injury to the types of exercises to recommend. Find us on instagram or facebook and shoot us a DM @reconditionme to find out what exercises are best for you.

However, the key to when you are injured is to keep moving and do as movement/exercises that you can possible. NOW, this is done with extreme caution, once again based on your injury. Most likely the movement(s) that you will be able to do are:

Walking, stretching, foam rolling, resistance bands, light resistance training, isolated resistance training.

Once people get injured they stop doing everything, lying in bed for days and sometimes weeks when really they could of got up much earlier and improved their recovery quicker. Through the simple exercises above you can keep on top and maintain your current conditioning to some extent through doing simple exercise.

If you are unsure what exercises you can do with your short or long term injury don’t hesitate to get in touch or find a trainer/physio that can help show you some simple exercises to keep up with your current plans.


Don’t stop moving, be as freely moving as possible without putting yourself in any further danger.

If you have an injured shoulder, workout your legs, your core and move your shoulder that is not injured, but your injured shoulder, do some activation work. Your muscles will become weaker the longer the injury, being able to keep some movement will boost the rehab and get you back to 100% quicker!

Don’t overdo it however, keep yourself active and safe through your workouts, keep moving but also listen to your doctors and physios advice too.

Message me for any tailored questions you may have, or if you need any help.

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Aaron Goacher

Founder Recondition Me

Aaron is a graduate Sports Therapist, Fitness Coach and has been training since the age of 15, after suffering from an illness which stopped muscle growth and function, he has always had an interest in everything sports, health and fitness related.

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