Weight Scales – Fat vs. Muscle

So let’s get some background to this. Muscle and fat cells have different make ups. With muscle being denser then fat. This means that muscle takes up less space than fat does. Which shows when two individuals of the same height and weight are next to each other and one looks leaner and probably wearing smaller sized clothes.

When looking at the scales a common mistake clients have made is seeing no movement or an increase in weight; which has then led to them wanting to quit their training program, change their nutrition and tell our team they are following everything to the T but must not be working for them or doing the program right.

What has happened is they’ve finally switched their body percentages from high fat to higher muscle content. However, there is a grey area where your weight will most likely increase when toning up and losing fat weight. As we’ve established muscle weighs more than fat as its denser; and different peoples appearance will be vary, with some seeing effective results and others still holding onto visible fat stores.

How to look at your weight scales effectively:

  1. Purchase a good mirror and place it in good lighting, using this every morning and/or evening to look at and assess your physique, this can be tough for some, but the realisation of where you are now and where you want to be.
  2. Purchase or check the scales you are using, how accurate are they, is the surface level and flat, who else uses the scales?
  3. Using a body composition machine – most likely available at gyms. These will be for those who really want to look at certain numbers and assess and check what certain foods, drinks and training have on their body. Being able to see progress or regression periods, however systems like these are only as effective as those who use it correctly and effectively, with testing being in the same condition each time.
  4. How do you feel mentally, what place is your mindset in, this can have a massive effect on the way you treat your body but also how you view your results and response.

A final note, is to not look at these stories and posts online of those ‘weight loss’ experts and products. Weight loss is different for each individual and it can be more about appearance than a number. Those who are now 5-10kg less may not be healthy through various ‘dieting’ products and programs.

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