Correcting Posture

Sitting down for too long has been linked to many health effects these include obesity, increased blood levels, and increased storage of fat around the abdominal area.

But the one we are going to focus on today is posture as during our current pandemic (COVID-19), many people feel comfortable in their homes, with an increase in sitting times. With many working from home or not working at all, many are watching more tv/online streaming services. Causing a slouched or unmoved position for prolonged amounts of time.

A good way to stay productive yet active is to take breaks every 30 minutes. Set a timer, get up take a few minutes break, grab a drink and relief your body through motion, stretching etc.

If you are taking a online meeting or phone call, stand or walk around, these are some of the easier ways to improve the relationship between sitting and posture.

For those who wish to take it to the next step, is to try a posture corrector, if you find yourself in a hunched position more then often then they will be very useful.

Many people through sitting for long periods of time at desks, watching tv, postural changes and muscle weakness start to form.

Just using a postural corrector for 14 days can start to show real results in such short period of time. But there is more to just gaining the best posture, you need to start engaging your muscles and realigning your mind body and muscle connection.

A great way to start gaining and reactivating muscle (not looking like a bodybuilder) from home, that you can do whilst on your short work breaks throughout the day, get in contact for a plan.

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Aaron Goacher

Founder Recondition Me

Aaron is a graduate Sports Therapist, Fitness Coach and has been training since the age of 15, after suffering from an illness which stopped muscle growth and function, he has always had an interest in everything sports, health and fitness related.

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