How Much: Caffeine Should You Have?

So you either love it or hate it, drink it through coffee or energy/fizzy drinks. But what is caffeine’s function? And how much is too much?        

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and one of few legal psychoactive drugs. Used to wake you up, making you feel alert and increasing brain function. 

This then leads on to many other abilities like increased sporting performance, regulating of blood sugar levels which can help with weight loss due to lack of cravings due to coffee containing magnesium and potassium which helps the body use insulin. 

Studies have shown that caffeine intake can help reduce the risk of diseases and premature death by 25%, mainly cancers, strokes and brain diseases due to its antioxidants, brain stimulation and other effects. 

However, like any drug or stimulant a high dosage is likely to have adverse affects, causing jittering, headaches and in some rare cases death, mostly likely due to toxic ruined beans with mass consumption. 

Insomnia and restlessness has been found when individuals drink more than 400mg or more than 4 cups of coffee a day, or if you don’t suit coffee or a certain caffeine source. 

The amount of caffeine safe for a human to consume is actually written within our DNA, which is why certain individuals may not gain all the positive effects depending on the caffeine source they use.

Must advise that caffeine can have affects on pregnancy and that a high intake of caffeine during pregnancy can lead to the baby being highly sensitive to caffeine. 

Some caffeine sources may be harmful to those with high cholesterol due to certain ingredients that may put them at risk. 

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