Seasonal Eatings

Christmas is on our doorstep during this global pandemic. Everyone’s had a difficult year whether it be financially, mental &/or physical health or added stress from working from home.

Sticking to your goal during this period is difficult. There’s pressure from peers on what to eat and what not to eat, whether to work out or to go shopping.

Here’s some steps on how to stay on track and set on reaching your goal over this festive period.

Step 1. Write down your current goal. Put your goal on a piece of paper, on your phone background, somewhere that is visible every day all day.

Step 2. Write down your WHY. This is similar to above, have it in front of you every day all day. This means you can show people your two top reasons why you are not eating certain things or going to the gym.

Step 3. Turning down ‘treats’, high sugar foods, continuously eating & drinking throughout the day with foods that won’t help you achieve your goal. I’m not saying don’t enjoy this time with some of these foods, but be weary.

Step 4. Enjoy yourself. Your time with your family or the people you may be able to spend it with this year is most likely to be limited depending on where you live. Living in England it is 3 households for 5 days around Christmas.

Step 5. Track your calories and workouts, don’t change from your habits that you have put in place. Changing these over this period may throw you even further off track, making it harder in the new year to reach your goal/why.

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